About us

Our company was established by specialists in the field of metallurgy and recycling, with many years of experience in leading Western European companies. This allows us not only to sort, evaluate and process scrap of non-ferrous metals, but we also have close relationships with a number of metallurgical companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.
The needs of European metallurgical enterprises in scrap of non-ferrous and ferrous metals (including stainless steel) exceed the capacity of scrap suppliers in the EU. Therefore MAST METALL GmbH actively cooperates with sellers of scrap (primarily aluminum, copper, stainless steel scrap) from the EU, GUS and rest of the world.
We also produce and supply aluminum-steel to deoxidizer enterprises, known in Russia as AV97. High quality material and flexible delivery conditions have allowed our company to establish a successful cooperation with many metallurgical enterprises.