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Recycling of scrap. Why?

«Незрим для глаз, зовется он контентом, Таким венцом король владеет редкий»

Уильям Шекспир

There are ecological and economic reasons.

Scrap metal is rubbish. A trash should be cleaned. After all, if we start simply throwing everything that can no longer serve us in its original form (especially when it comes to large-sized products), then our planet will quickly become a global dump. This is elementary dangerous. For plants, animals and humans, there may not be enough room for it. And even if that's enough, the quality of such a life is unlikely to be worthy.

The source of metals is initially iron ore. Its reserves are not unlimited. In addition, mining and processing not only requires a lot of time and effort, but it is also a dangerous process for the environment. When processing ore in the atmosphere and water is allocated a huge amount of harmful substances. But we must breathe this air, drink this water. The inhabitants of cities near which the metal deposits are being developed marked a significant deterioration in health, and a decrease in life expectancy. The use of scrap metal in this case can come to the rescue. If the second-hand product is used for a second time, then it will be necessary to extract it less. Accordingly, the damage to the environment and human health will be less.
 What is the benefit of recycling scrap for the economy? There are also two factors here.
 Recycling of scrap metal is much cheaper than ore mining. He is very in demand. After all, no metal can do without any production. Austria gladly acquires scrap metal instead of ore because of the lower price. For our country, which has no deposits of its own, this is practically the only way out. We are forced to import metals and of course buying scrap metal is very beneficial for us.

Proceeding from the above, we can conclude that when recycling scrap, everyone wins: people, countries, nature.


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